Our last trip wound down with a stop at one of favorite places outside of Page, AZ, the Toadstools. Unfortunately, we timed it wrong – too early in the day and the wrong time of year. We realized we’d be in shadow way before the golden hour.

Beautiful scene with red, white and blue.

So I offered Jeff plan B, sunset over Lake Powell.

As we arrived, we could see that the water level has continued to drop on the lake. So much so, that it made finding water for reflections, a bit of a challenge. The corner we found was deserted. Shuttered boats and empty docks framed our scene. The water was almost perfectly still.

We were blessed with a rich golden hour and good skies. I just had to share a few of the photos with you.

The water was almost completely still, creating the perfect setting

The sun went in and out of the bank of clouds lighting up portions of the lake and rock formations.

The dark clouds created a beautiful background for the sunlit rock formations. 
The light got more golden just before sunset, with the dark moody clouds behind.

As the sun dropped lower, the foreground was in shadow, but the canyon walls were lit up behind. 

As the sun dropped, the breeze picked up, but the scene was still amazing
The sun hit the mountain behind

The sunset had been quite beautiful so far, but would it finish as a dud or would we have magic. It was touch and go. The sun dropped below the horizon and a breeze rippled the water ever so slightly. I held my breath.

The sun light is gone, but the colors are magical
The colors in the sky are fading, but the rocks still glow as the blue hour approaches

It was the final shoot of our trip, and it was magical. Who knows, with the water table continuing to decline, it may be the last reflections shot on Lake Powell.

Remember, it’s all about the light.